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KOKAGE BLOGWhy is English Important for Yuki

ClassroomEnglish DiaryWhy is English Important for Yuki



There are many reasons why learning a new language is a good idea. It helps you become a better listener and it allows you to communicate with new people. But why pick English?

I asked one of my student during our free conversation at the beginning of our lesson.

“Why are you learning English?” “Do you like it?”

You see, Yuki has been learning English for almost a year now. An enthusiastic learner who would often ask questions, answer in full sentences and would eagerly share what she did during the weekend and at school.

I was touched by how much she valued learning the language because she knows that it will help her reach for her dreams and follow her father’s footsteps of becoming a police officer.

Let’s do our best Yuki-chan!