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KOKAGE BLOGSpring in Iwate

Everyday EnglishSpring in Iwate



Hello, everyone! It’s Teacher Jonna here. It’s hard to believe, but it’s already my fourth spring season here in Japan. Time flies, especially when you’re savoring the changing seasons. This year, it’s been exceptionally warm and hot, but I’m sure everyone is making the most of it. I’ve had the opportunity to visit many wonderful places around Iwate and admire the cherry blossoms.

This spring, my private student Yukiko-san recommended a new place to visit known for its weeping cherry blossom trees at Yonai Water Treatment Plant. I’m always grateful to learn about new places from my students.

I’m particularly excited to meet both new faces and returning students this year at Kokage English. Let’s embrace the joy of learning and sharing new experiences together this school year. Wishing everyone a fantastic Golden Week filled with fun and memorable moments!