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KOKAGE BLOGOur Family’s Halloween Tradition

English DiaryOur Family’s Halloween Tradition











Every year for Halloween, my family and I do something for Halloween. This year, we carved out some pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns. Afterwards , we created a really improvised trick or treating excursion around our mountain neighborhood. One Sunday , on our drive home from church, we saw an old man selling orange halloween pumpkins. We stopped over and the kids picked out “their” pumpkin. Next , when we got home , the boys in their excitement drew a few different sketches of the type of face that they wanted to carve. After a few days , and about a day or two before Halloween, We began to carve out the pumpkins and make the faces. It was great one to one, father and son time for each kid. A sort of personalized experience. Next, the day of Halloween, I had a few bags of candy left over and , for the first time in a while, had some free time. I asked the boys if they wanted to do trick or treating, and they enthusiastically said, “yes!” So, my wife and I went around the neighborhood asking people if they would give out candy to our kids. Most agreed. We have them some candy, and explained what would happen. In the meantime, the boys got dressed up and prepared themselves. And when all was ready, despite the rain, we went trick or treating! All in all, it was a great time: not only for the boys, but also for our family and neighborhood! Please enjoy Halloween next year with your family!