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English DiaryNew Chapter



Never thought I’d be saying this: I’m being replaced! Hahaha!

Teacher Leslyn will replace me in the coming weeks. Why? I’m taking my #3&#4 sons to Alaska!

I accepted a position as a high school history teacher in bush Alaska, in the Bering Straight region. From August until next June, I will be living with brown, black and polar bears, moose, wolves and wolverines; swimming with salmon, whales, orcas, seals and walruses. I will keep everyone posted on my whereabouts and activities.

But, it’s not goodbye, it’s will be a great experience for all of us. It will open up a world of imagination for everyone.

Teacher Leslyn is a dynamic teacher who has a very enjoyable personality. She has five years of teaching at an International School in Thailand, and is very excited to come to Japan.

Teachers Jonna, Julie and Leslyn all taught together in Thailand, and will be a fabulous teaching team here!

I’m excited for this next adventurous chapter of Kokage English School.