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English DiaryMt. Iwate



Why Iwate? Why here in Iwate?

Common questions I always get from people I encounter.

It may not be as perfect as Mt. Mayon in the Philippines and not as high and as famous as Mt. Fuji. But one thing is for sure, it is special in its own unique beauty.

I fell in love with you, Mt. Iwate, the first time I saw you. Such a lovely mountain so calm and peaceful.  Seeing you from afar makes me really happy. I couldn’t contain the joy it amazes me each and every day. The changing of colors and hues with each passing season, makes me appreciate your beauty in every angle.

Whenever I see you, I am reminded of how beautiful and amazing life is. I have never expected to live in a place as peaceful and calm as where I am right now.

So why Iwate? Probably because this is where God lead me.  This is where I found my new life, new home and new experiences at Kokage English School.