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KOKAGE BLOGMerry Christmas!

Everyday EnglishMerry Christmas!









実は今週の日曜日、私の次の “勉強会 “はエッグノッグを一から作ることになっています。よろしくお願いします。


Truthfully, I really love Christmas now more than ever before! When I was a child, it was magical; but, now, it is more!

Before, as a child, I just wanted presents, presents and more presents. It was great to be with family, eat delicious food, and go to church. In America, there was the biggest and brightest Christmas trees, the flashiest of lights, the most beautiful music and festivities.

Now, as an adult raising four boys as well as teaching many young students, I take pleasure in seeing them as kids and seeing that hint of magic in their eyes, like me in my youth, thinking Christmas equals presents. It’s joyful to see their spirits raised above the daily grind of homework and schoolwork.

As my family gets more involved with Christmas celebrations, I start to study more about Christmas and the various little aspects that are associated with this wonderful celebration. This year, I learned the “story” behind Christmas stockings. Also, I learned about Saint Nicolas and the tradition of why he is involved with Christmas. More importantly, as a Believer, I am continuing learning more about the birth of the Christ as well as our Hope in the second coming of the Christ, which, of course, is the reason that we celebrate this magnificent event!

Please enjoy this holiday season, and continue to learn about its roots, traditions and celebrations!

In fact, this Sunday, my next “study event” will be to make egg nog from scratch! Wish me well!