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I have to admit, I did not know much about the Japanese High School entrance exams that need to be taken, as well as the preparation that each student does leading up to that point. However, two things have come about this year that have made me start paying attention to this “big event”. 

First, my own son is preparing to take them. I can see how much effort that he and his friends are putting into the preparation. 

Secondly, this year, I have been asked to do video explanations of the English portion of the practice tests that Shiro Yuri produces. This has been a great professional enlightenment to see what type of English content are on these exams.

With that being said, I have to say that I’m proud of what our English school has been doing in order to “prepare” our students for these tests, without even knowing it! Our typical student usually enters either in our baby class or in our kids class, and most continue until Junior High School, when they become too busy to continue. From this early age, children develop great listening skills which can detect various sounds and nuances; thus, our students do great on the listening portions of the test. Next, natural method teaches natural grammar. From a young age, our students listen to the teachers and speak in a comfortable situation,  and therefore develops a more natural feeling of the English grammar structure, which, years later, they can apply to the grammar portion of the tests. In addition, our elementary school years program builds upon the foundation that they have built with speaking and listening during the kids class years. The students increase their vocabulary, as well as starts and develops the fundamentals of reading and writing; which serves great dividends for these tests.

So, yes, by entering one’s child in our English school as a baby or a kid or even as a young elementary school student, parents are subsequently preparing their child for these examinations!