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KOKAGE BLOGFun and Awesome Golden Week

Everyday EnglishFun and Awesome Golden Week



My Golden Week escapade was quite awesome and memorable this year. We went to Towada-Hachimantai National Park to see the breathtaking scenery, especially the famous snow wall that still exists in spring. I’m really glad to finally see it despite the unfavorable weather. We were able to enjoy and reach our destination safe and sound. Unfortunately, we failed to see the breathtaking scenery during our first trip; however, we still enjoyed the snow wall, even though it wasn’t very visible due to fog and rain up there.

We tried again on the second day. Wow! It was truly amazing, such a beautiful creation. No wonder why many people from other prefectures come to visit this place. It was so relaxing, and my eyes were filled with so many things to see that it was beyond description. I also had my first mini sledding experience; it was really great and fun. I hope winter comes quickly so I can try the real thing.

I am looking forward to visiting this place again in autumn. I am pretty sure I will have a different feeling and experience by then. One thing is for sure: I will never get tired of seeing this place over and over again. Special thanks to our friends and colleagues, Teacher Jonna and Chiba San, for taking us. Looking forward to more exciting and fun adventures with you.