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KOKAGE BLOGEarly Childhood Learning

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A child’s attention span is usually two to three minutes per year of their age. A time in which a child can maintain focus on a given task.
For children to achieve and reach their full learning ability, one of the things they need is a chance for early learning—having an aware, loving, and supportive environment can also make a big difference.

Why is learning at an early age helpful for them?

Socialization– one of the key components in Early childhood learning.
Children who participates and attends early childhood education programs are more likely to have improved social skills. Listening, patience, sharing things with others, and other different learning activities to enhance their social skills.

Kokage English School offers classes for babies to kids (ages 1-5) who want to explore, make friends, and learn while having fun within a safe learning environment. Different learning activities, and games are used to provide to your child’s needs. In addition to that, playing while learning improves their intellectual, social and emotional skills.

Through Early Childhood Education, children are encouraged and given opportunities to engage, grow and view the whole world outside their comfort home as an opportunity for learning.