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English DiaryClassroom



There are a lot of things I have learned while teaching in Japan. Students come to class eager to learn and play games. One thing I’ve learned is to be always flexible and learn how to adapt to the needs of every student. From practical experience and valuable advice from my bosses.


One way to keep the students engaged is to make the lesson enjoyable. Incorporating fun activities like games, playing tag, using cards while practicing English conversation and commands. Two important reminders that I always tell the students is to politely greet everyone when they enter the classroom. It helps set the mood especially if there are new students joining the class. And always try to speak english if they want to talk to their friends or ask questions.


It’s good that students always engage in small conversations at the beginning of the class. Some of the most common conversation questions are “What did you do today?” “What did you study?” and “What did you eat for lunch.”


You can always practice daily english conversations with them starting from the basics even at home~~Name, Age, Address etc. I get to know more about my students by asking them about the things that they like and dislike. It keeps them engaged in the conversation, too.