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KOKAGE BLOGBeing a Daddy: Fixing a Bicycle

English DiaryBeing a Daddy: Fixing a Bicycle



Having four sons, I have become efficient in the basic repairing and fixing bicycles.
From flat tires to replacing brake pads, or simple maintenance, I have learned how. But, I am limited to the basics.

Now, my fourth son got a flat the other day.
Of course, it was the back tire. And, of course, it has the “disc braking system”. The “disc” type is actually complicated and troublesome because it involves taking various things off; but, the worse, for me anyways, is remembering how to put everything back on!

Furthermore, what complicates matters is time constraints. As I begin the process to take off the tire, I need to get a wrench, then a screwdriver, then something else and something else. By the time I get the tire off , find the hole, and patch it, it is time for me to go to work or pick up the kids from school. Fruitlessly, the bicycle remains half fixed waiting for me to have another spare hour (or two) to finish everything up.
The question remains: will I be able to find that hour? Or, will I put it in the garage until next bicycle season?
Yes, I will. A daddy always fixes the bicycle for his child!