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KOKAGE BLOGAutumn Breeze

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It was Spring the first time I got here in Japan. Then, Summer time came, and now Autumn.

The cold air breeze, the colors of leaves changing, and that nostalgic feeling I get whenever I walk around Takizawa City. It’s really hard not to appreciate the beauty of nature, and how relaxing it is.

I haven’t imagined myself to see and experience this season in my whole life. I’m used to watching movies and dramas where scenes shot in the fall season and everything in them is orange, yellow, and red. I asked myself, “Will I ever get to experience that?” I guess that question is now answered. Another checked item in my bucket list.

Some of us are scared at the word “change”, how anxious we are to go out of our comfort zones, and face what lies ahead of us.

But, the Autumn Season teaches us that change can also be beautiful.

I look forward to more exciting, unexpected and challenging surprises that my Iwate life has to offer.