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KOKAGE BLOGナルニア国物語みたいなアラスカ

Everyday Englishナルニア国物語みたいなアラスカ



We usually always take walks out on the ice. Little by little, we are traveling further out. First closer islands, then testing our courage to go a bit further. There is one more island out in the distance which, by google maps, is 12.5 miles out. Mmm… in my heart of hearts, I feel we can make it and back, but….

Anyways, on our walks, kids get creative: making ice guns and knives. They pretend to be in the movie “Narnia”. In the White Witch’s Kingdom. Sometimes on the islands, crows fly over us to see what we are doing, circling us then returning to their nests, just like the movie, “Lord of the Rings”… pretty interesting as they loop around us in their curiosity….

Little by little, it is becoming lighter out. You can almost feel that winter is passing. Spring is somewhere on the horizon….