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What to do in Alaska? By all the pictures taken, you’d imagine that Alaska is the most gorgeous place in the world. But remember, those picture are taken on nice sunny days! Most days are raining, overcast and stormy! So, what to do on those days while waiting for the storm?

We boys play a lot of games including Rummikub, chess, checkers, cards and farmopoloy (monopoly).

This past weekend, we spent 3 evenings playing farmopoly. Finally on Sunday evening, I had to play “cheap”. I enforced the rules. I made the kids pay up. No more “next time ok”. Pay now with money or sell me your land. Hahaha. Real world stuff…. Anyways, they didn’t like that. Needless to say, I took their money and property.

It was a fun weekend playing boardgames with the boys.