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English Diary



After a childhood of dreaming about them, I finally got to experience the Northern Lights.

One thing is for sure, a photograph or a video does not tell the whole story of witnessing the Aurora Borealis .

First of all, seeing the northern lights from my area, south of the Arctic Circle, they seemed to be white wisps. Like clouds, but, yet, not like clouds. Later on, in the early morning light display, these white wisps contained shades of green emitting from these heavenly forms.

I heard that once you go over the Arctic Circle does a person see the vibrant greens and purples that we commonly associate with the Northern Lights.

As I took pictures of the Northern Lights, the white wisps that I saw with my naked eye were magically turned to green. Why? Magic?

The other thing that I have to say about the Northern Lights is about the movement. The “dancing lights” or maybe “dancing waves of light”. How to describe looking up and seeing these “lights of waves” moving around; then, disappearing and another one appearing.

Ever since that morning, I wake up in search of the next other-worldly synergetic orchestra that I can witness.