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English Diary



I am thankful Mr Thomas brought me by some frozen salmon steaks. He said he just shot a seal, and needed some room in the freezer. Because this salmon was so delicious, I hope he’ll shoot some more seal! Hahaha!

You never think that when you go to Alaska you would be stuck eating canned food and pasta the majority of times, but that’s what I’m pretty much forced to do. Without a gun and, needless to say some experience, I can’t go moose hunting or geese hunting. In fact, without a boat, I can’t get to the rivers that the salmon return home to.

It’s seems to be a “Catch-22” in some ways.

But, half-jokingly, I tell my sons it’s like a long camping experience. “Enjoy it!” I say. They love it. They don’t complain. They love to experience the American cuisine: Spam, Split Pea Soup, Beef Stew, Macaroni and Cheese, etc…

As a dad, looking on the positive side, cooking has become easier in Alaska!