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These kids stay up all night. I asked them what time they go to bed. They told me 1 am, 2am, 4am. What? Now, I tried to do that a few times. But to stay up all night is a hard task. These kids do it every night!

So, I asked them what time do they wake up? They told me 1pm, 2pm, even 5pm!

Hahaha! I asked them if they were werewolves. They said no, they were vampires!

Now, I don’t know if they were “pulling my leg” on this next one, but they told me they slept anywhere. They didn’t necessarily go home to go to sleep. They said they would sleep in their grandparents’ fish hut or in the bush or on a roof.

Hahaha, all I know is that when my boys and I are trying to go to sleep, we can hear kids voices outside playing.